Provide Unique Guest Experiences and Reap the Rewards

Make Their Stay Memorable

Accommodating your guests is your highest priority. Yet so much of their time is spent beyond the comfortable confines of your lodgings that it’s natural to wish you could be more influential in making their stay one that they remember. After all, a guest’s experience is critical if you are to receive positive ratings on OTA engines and social media, as well as build a long-lasting, loyal relationship.

Fortunately, guests trust you to recommend the best places to eat, play, shop and enjoy local experiences, creating a big opportunity to make their stay memorable. But since your staff’s knowledge and availability isn’t always reliable, you probably don’t know what has been communicated to your guests or how many opportunities you’ve missed to make a difference in their travel experience — whether your guests are planning their trip, on property, or on-the-go.  They may need your guidance at any time or place and you need some help in communicating consistent, trusted recommendations.

Your New Local Assistant

The Frictionless Guest App is a digital guide that provides your guests with anytime, anywhere access to the local experiences you recommend:

  • Guests only see your exclusive content for experiences, offers, etc.
  • Works on any device…mobile phone, tablet, PC
  • Travels with your guest for anytime, anywhere access
  • Simple for guests to search, sort and find your recommendations
  • Easy-to-use maps show step-by-step directions
  • Guests can call directly from the app for assistance, reservations, etc.

Your Exclusive Content

Guests only see your exclusive content — unique descriptions of every local place you recommend so they can make informed choices during their stay. Pamper them with exclusive offers and the ability to call directly from the app so they can get immediate assistance, make reservations, etc.


Simple Search, Sort & Find

Guests only see your local recommendations, which are easily searched by categories you assign and can be sorted by your quality or price rating, as well as distance from your property or your guest’s location.

Easy-To-Use Maps & Directions

Whether walking or driving, your guests get accurate directions showing them exactly where they need to go on easy-to-use maps
they can access from any mobile device.


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