Q: Is the Frictionless Guest App best suited for a small B&B, independent hotel, or brand of hotels?

A: The Frictionless Guest App was created for hospitality providers that truly want to help their guests enjoy their stay by having them experience the best the local area has to offer. While smaller, independent properties or brands may tend to adhere more to this philosophy, the size of an operation has no bearing on the suitability, usability or effectiveness of the App.

Q: What revenue opportunities exist for a property or brand when guests use the Frictionless Guest App?
A: The main purpose of the Frictionless Guest App is to improve the guest experience and build the loyalty of the relationship by giving your guest something they value during their stay. While you may choose to utilize the App to get revenue through various means — such as charging guests for services you offer or through arrangements with the providers of the experiences you recommend — there is no direct way to collect revenue through the Frictionless Guest App.

Our philosophy is that hospitality providers should put the quality of their recommendations and the credibility of their property or brand above the desire to earn revenue from the App. We believe this is integral to the goal of building valuable relationships, where you first need to provide guest value to receive longer-term loyalty. We also feel that the cost of the Frictionless Guest App is so reasonable relative to the value it provides guests and what properties or brands spend for other less valuable services, that any concern for the cost of the App is short-sighted.

Q: How are the recommended experiences for a property determined and how do they get entered into the Frictionless Guest App?
A: The recommendations that the guest sees in the Frictionless Guest App are determined by the property or brand. Our philosophy is that if hospitality providers truly want to help their guests enjoy their stay by experiencing the best the area has to offer, the property needs to be committed to having someone with the local knowledge to make quality recommendations and stand behind them. After all, would you want to risk your credibility with guests by relying on an untrusted source to recommend their local experiences while staying with you?

All recommendations can be easily entered by someone at the property or brand. If you want assistance in entering some or all of your recommendations to quickly get the Frictionless Guest App functional for your property or brand, we provide this service at very reasonable rates.

Q: How long will it take to implement the Frictionless Guest App at a property?
A: It depends upon the number of recommendations made but most properties can be set up to provide the Frictionless Guest App to guests within one day of work. Once completed, only occasional tweaks are typically needed.
Q: How and when does a guest get access to the Frictionless Guest App?
A: Guests can be provided access to the Frictionless Guest App at any time, from the point of booking — to help with planning their trip — through check-in and beyond. They can be sent a link to the App by email or SMS text. Collateral is also provided to properties through the App, which can be easily printed and displayed anywhere at the property, to allow guests to easily access the Frictionless Guest App by SMS text or QR code.
Q: Does the guest have to download the Frictionless Guest App to their mobile phone or tablet to access it?
A: No. All the guest needs to access the Frictionless Guest App is for the property to provide a link and they can use it on any device — laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

If you understand tech-speak…We designed the App in HTML5 to be responsive to all devices, so if you already have a native mobile app, you can easily make the Frictionless Guest App accessible from your current platform, to allow its best-in-class features to supplement your mobile offering.

Q: What is the difference between the Frictionless Guest App for a single property and for multiple properties?
A: The Frictionless Guest App for multiple properties allows brands to be set up and for recommended experiences to be shared among properties within a brand.  More powerful functionality can also be leveraged at the brand level to enhance the presentation of the App to guests.

The single and multi-property offerings are not separate applications — we maintain only one Frictionless Guest App. The difference in functionality lies in the initial set up of a property within the App.  Once a single property is created, it can be converted to leverage multi-property functionality but doing so entails a cost. If you are responsible for more than one property, think you may be in the future, or want to know more about leveraging multi-property functionality for the property you currently manage, we suggest you talk with us before limiting your options by initially using the single property Frictionless Guest App.

Q: Can usage of the Frictionless Guest App be measured?
A: Yes. The Frictionless Guest App provides many reports of various metrics that summarize usage by day.
Q: Where does the Frictionless Guest App run?
A: The Frictionless Guest App runs in the cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS). That means that all of the recommendation information for a property or brand is stored at AWS and can only be updated by accessing a password-protected user account.